Reptile Limited is a British company specialising in Computer Forensics, Business Intelligence and Covert Product development

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About Us

Reptile Limited is a discreet Cyber Intelligence company at the forefront of developments in Cyber Security and Intelligence. We work with Government, Law Enforcement, National Security, Corporate and Private clients.

With strong roots in both the Information Technology and Security industries, Reptile’s operatives are highly valued for gathering communications-related intelligence, compiling evidence, assessing risk, and combating online fraud and high-tech crime worldwide. We utilise our extensive experience along with in-house technology and techniques we’ve developed and refined to deliver high quality results for every scenario.




Reptile offers a wide variety of services, ranging from business intelligence to civil and criminal investigations. Our services are of the highest quality and we value our clients need for discretion. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


At Reptile we perform detailed investigations into a wide range of subject areas. We work with our clients to identify their core priorities and we then present a detailed proposal outlining our strategy. Our investigations constantly evolve, synergistically utilising open and closed source intelligence data mining and analysis. We are also able to draw upon our strong forensics background and large network of assets where appropriate.

Digital Forensics

We understand the importance and value of your Intellectual Property and company assets. If these assets come under threat our Digital Forensics services are there to aid your investigation or legal case. With extensive experience in digital investigations combined with state-of-the-art technology and software we are able to provide our clients with an accurate and reliable forensic report.

We can perform forensic services on most digital devices, including desktops, laptops, servers, mobile phones and tablets and our advanced indexing software allows us to gain valuable intelligence from emails.

Information Security

Reptile provides an ethical approach to identify threats to your business by performing a holistic risk assessment of your physical and logical infrastructure. Our suite of services are designed to simulate a realistic attack from a determined person or persons unknown whose intent is to disrupt and compromise the continuity of your organisation or to steal business critical information.

Expert Witness

Our operatives are highly skilled forensic experts. As such, they are able to act as expert witnesses in both criminal and civil legal proceedings. All forensic data is collected in a secure manner conforming to guidelines and maintaining the continuity of evidence. Our forensic findings can be backed up by our operatives expert testimony where required.

Previous clients who we have provided expert testimony for include the Crown Prosecution Service, numerous national and foreign police forces, and for leading legal firms in both criminal and civil cases.

Special Project Management

We have a global network of contacts, sources and assets that we can call upon. As such we are perfectly placed to assemble and manage a specialist team to meet your needs. As well as providing our own services, we can assist in providing you with specialist third-party services or integrate them into our wider investigations.

Reptile can source and provide:

  • Physical Security
  • Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures
  • Covert Surveillance
  • Asset Tracing
  • Overseas Source Utilisation
  • Red Team Exercises
  • Training

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Reptile develops and manufactures a wide variety of covert products predominantly aimed at the National Security industry, but also catering to commercial clients. Due to the nature of these products, the sale of some are restricted to authorised public sector organisations only. All products are made to order, with some flexibility available in specification. Please contact us for more details or to discuss your requirements.

Covert Intercept Solutions


A covert wireless device that can monitor, intercept, relay and disrupt Wi-Fi traffic.

Available in desktop or mobile format.

Specialist Requirements

Reptile are experts in communications and while we offer some flexibility in the specifications of our listed products, we are also able to develop entirely bespoke products for any requirement you may have. Please contact us to discuss your needs.


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